How I Sold 312 Books With My First Email On Author Reach

writing on the deckAs a self-published author I look at all my marketing and expenses as “How many books do I have to sell to pay for this?” That has kept me from a lot of silly decisions.

I don’t know about you, but I am constantly learning, revising, and improving the way I do things. I watch closely when I place an advertisement and have a list of sites that don’t pull enough readers to make it worth my while.

My Concern With MailChimp

One of my biggest concerns in the last few month is paying for the storage of my email list. I know email Marketing works but I wasn’t able to have it work effectively for me. I was up to 6,000 subscribers on MailChimp and paying $75 per month. More concerning for me was the fact I didn’t seem to get a good return on the $75 monthly fee with my emails getting largely unread and not many sales coming from them.My most successful month was a marketing strategy I used on MailChimp giving away 32 free books. I got twenty reviews spread out over ten of my books. Considering my $75 monthly fee on MailChimp, this translates to a cost of $3.75 per review! Yikes!

Enter Author Reach

I was contacted by a new marketing website for Authors that includes email management and I thought why not give it a try. The name of the site was Author Reach and they were in Beta so offering their services for free. I talked with one of the owners and found out my email list will only cost around $45 when they go live (the same list that costs me $75 through MailChimp). That was worth the switch right there! Their system was designed specifically for Authors (unlike MailChimp) and was really easy to get started. The things that have really won me over are 1) The ease of sending an email blast to my list, and 2) The incredible response generated by my first email to my list (more on this below!)I wrote a simple “My New Book is Out” message with a jpg of the cover and sent it to my list. I got an incredible 61.5% open rate! The best I ever got on Mailchimp was a one-time 41% open rate. Their average was about 30%.

My 1st Email

Best of all I sold 312 copies of Heart of Cole, taking it all the way to #17 for its category. That’s not all, the emails are still being opened, and I’m sure there will be more sales. This is day five after the mailing and I’ve already got 17 reviews with a 4.7 Star rating. Cost per sale? 16 cents!


Other Things I Love About Author Reach
I haven’t even told you about the Lead Generation Page, or the opportunities to grow you subscriber list (I will share this information on a separate blog post). The owners have also shared that they are building in a unique cross promotional feature that will allow Authors to connect with one another to “trade” eBlasts to get more reach for your books.

As you can see I’m over the moon with the difference the change made. It all comes down to delivery of message. The owner of Author Reach explained to me briefly the importance of email deliverability. I didn’t understand it completely but Author Reach has apparently spent some time working to make sure the emails sent do not find the “spam” box of readers. I can verify that it works as my open rate is twice what it was on Mail Chimp which led to so many more sold books.

In Case You Want To Try Author Reach

If this article enticed you to make the switch, I encourage you to try it out now while they are still in the Free Beta stage. Sign Up Here and feel free to me at if you have any questions about what I did when I got started.




I am excited to let you know Dara and Dupree has been released.

I have to confess part of this pre-promotion announcement is a bit selfish! I need as many reviews as I can get the first week the book is available. So, I need your help!  Please grab a copy and leave a review! I can’t wait to hear what you think!

For independent authors like me, reviews are life’s blood. They grab new reader’s attention, and most importantly they are how Amazon decides who gets promoted for free on their site. That’s why I try to gently remind you to leave just a sentence or two when you read one of my books. 376 people got Hearts of Cole for just 99 cents but only 41 left reviews (the deal was cheap price for a review). So if you didn’t leave a review yet, please do it now.

Now back to Dara and Dupree…

This is my first major novel outside of the Cole Sage series. So far, the folks who have seen pre-release copies have loved it! Let’s see what you think!


Dupree is a successful Los Angeles attorney, in a major firm. Dara is fifteen hundred miles away.

He is ready to take his own life, but on his way to his office, Dupree decides to make a simple left turn. It sets in motion events he never dreamed possible.

Dara and Dupree is part road trip, part mystery thriller, part romance, all part of a greater plan.

Traveling up the great Central Valley of California, Dupree meets a collection of damaged people who act as a mirror to his own life; people lost on a road of pain and despair, and those who share real love, a clear goal for their life, and the keys to his happiness.

Dara has experienced triumph and tragedy. Her vivacious personality and soul-deep beauty bring joy to all that visit The Quarter Moon Café, yet she is alone.

The idyllic, picturesque town of White Owl is at a crossroads. Will they continue to let one man destroy all their gentle people and become a town where the law has become the enemy? Sometimes the battle between good and evil seems unwinnable, until one man says, “Enough!”

Right or left, life or death? Take the road trip of a lifetime and find that happiness can be as simple as which way your turn signal blinks.

Click here to get Get your copy today.

Thank you for your support and wonderful emails!

Until next time, be sure and do something nice for someone today!




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